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Stain resistant twist (40oz 2ply superior product) 

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Stain Free 2 Ply Carpets  £9.95m2  -  (usually £16.95m2)  

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Landlord loop carpet £5.95m2  -  (usually £9.95M2)  

Above prices include vat


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Carpet Right

Lynmouth twist Carpet Right £22.49 - Our price £18.99m2

Soft Feelings  Carpet Right £23.99 - Our price £20.95m2

Supreme Feelings  Carpet right £34.99 - Our price £24.95m2

Gala loop  Carpet Right £15.99 - Our price £11.99m2

Monmouth twist Carpet Right £20.79m2 - Our price £18.99m2


Tapi Carpets 

Tapi Carpets Comparison prices (31/08/2021)

Gothenburg - Tapi Carpets £25.19 - Our price £21.95m2

Sissinghurst - Tapi carpets £23.39 - Our price £20.95m2

Morocco - Tapi carpets £25.19 - Our price £22.99m2

Somerset Tapi Carpets £12.59m2 - Our price £9.95m2

Luna Tapi Carpets £20.69m2 - Our price £18.99m2

Leo Tapi Carpets £26.99m2 - Our price £19.99m2

We will also save you money or match the free underlay and free fitting on the following ranges: 

Balmoral, Windsor, Osterley, Morocco, Leo, Prairie, Jupiter, Madeira, Virgo, Breeze, Montana, Arizona, Homestead, Dalesman, Portsmouth, Venus and Saturn

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The Friendly Flooring Company 

As a company we strive to offer every customer the correct and best advice for their needs. We aim to bulk buy and stock good quality products. Our prices are equivalent to internet prices. We offer a home or office visit with samples by our staff who are experienced floor fitters so their knowledge means the job will run perfectly. With our service we are confident a job is carried out without any issues to give you full satisfaction 

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Tufted carpet was pioneered in the second half of the 20th century and has become the most popular method of producing carpet in Europe and accounts for 70% of all carpets made in the UK.

A tufted carpet can be made in different styles and textures:- Here are descriptions of the standard types to help you find the style which best suits the rooms in your home:-

Twist Pile

A twist pile carpet is made from yarn that has been tightly twisted and set to form a pile with a slightly textured surface. Twist piles are produced in both plain and heather colours (Heathers are created using a combination of complementary coloured fibres to obtain a tonal effect).

Loop Pile

In a loop pile carpet the yarn forms loops on the surface of the carpet, either in uniform height, creating a level loop pile, or with differing heights creating a textured loop pile. Variations include a rustic tweed style loop known as a Berber which contains highlight flecks. Wool loops are a popular alternative to coir and sisal floors because they have the added comfort, warmth and durability of natural wool.


Saxony carpets are longer dense pile carpets made to create a luxurious deep pile effect. Available in both wool and man-made fibres.

Carpeting and your health 

Carpeting and carpet tiles are beneficial for health in many ways. The space sounds less hollow, cold rises less quickly, there is a reduced risk of slipping, the soft surface is kind to your joints and carpeting traps dust particles. Carpeting is also highly suitable for asthma patients and for people who suffer from allergies. 

Because carpeting absorbs airborne dust particles, the air inside the house stays cleaner. As opposed to hard floors, where dust and dirt become swirl up much more easily. An independent study, performed by the German allergy and asthma association, has demonstrated that the air in rooms with smooth floors contains almost twice as much fine dust particles as the air in rooms fitted with carpeting or carpet tiles. 

















Cormar, Mayfield, Kingsmead, Gaskell,Mr Tomkinson, Furlongs, Penthouse,Regency, Manx,  and many more at low prices.


Fitting available in all areas including Reading, Caversham, Lower Earley, Woodley, Crowthorne, Wokingham, Finchampstead, Sandhurst. Throughout Berkshire.


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We visit customers with samples to measure up.

Please call or email to arrange an appointment.


  • Consider the area and AMOUNT OF WEAR it will receive, downstairs rooms and stairs will receive more wear and general soiling than upstairs. Be prepared to spend more of your budget on buying a durable, resilient carpet for these areas.
  • Get your room PROFESSIONALLY MEASURED. This will help you to achieve the most cost effective way to carpet your house / apartment. By careful planning and use of the correct width of carpet you will enable you to minimise waste and save money..
  • Remember that carpet samples or cuttings provided must only be used as a guide, since it is unlikely that the carpet you receive will be from the same production batch.
  • Choose a good quality UNDERLAY, this will help prolong the life of your carpet.
  • To avoid seams in wider rooms most of our carpets are made in 5 metre & 4 metre widths.



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