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As a company we strive to offer every customer the correct and best advice for their needs. 

We aim to bulk buy and stock good quality products. Our prices are equivalent to internet prices.  

We offer a home or office visit by our staff who have been floor fitters so their knowledge means the job will run perfectly. We will bring samples when we visit. With our service we are confident a job is carried out without any issues to give you full satisfaction

To arrange an appointment please email or call. 

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Sensations - Now only £15.95m2  

Primo Ultra - usually £21.95m2 - Now only £14.95m2  

Primo Plus - Now only £12.92m2

New stock offers

Stain resistant twist (40oz 2ply superior product)

Only £19.95m2 with FREE 10mm supreme underlay worth £6.95m2 


Vinyl flooring - Great designs in stock NOW ONLY £6.75m2

Stain Free 2 Ply Carpets  £9.95m2  -  (usually £16.95m2) 

Elegance twist 50oz BEST BUY  £18.95m2  -  (usually £29.95m2)

Landlord loop carpet £5.95m2  -  (usually £9.95M2) 

Above prices include vat


Elite UE1491 Oak 8mm laminate - Only £24.99m2 inc vat



SAVE MONEY and view our comparison prices. Selected few below  

Carpet Right

Lynmouth twist Carpet Right £22.49 - Our price £18.99m2 (30/09/2020)

Soft Feelings  Carpet Right £23.99 - Our price £20.95m2 

Supreme Feelings  Carpet right £34.99 - Our price £24.95m2 

Gala loop  Carpet Right £15.99 - Our price £11.99m2 

Monmouth twist Carpet Right £26.99m2 - Our price £18.99m2


Tapi Carpets 

Tapi Carpets Comparison prices (31/08/2021)

Gothenburg - Tapi Carpets £25.19 - Our price £21.95m2

Sissinghurst - Tapi carpets £23.39 - Our price £20.95m2

Morocco - Tapi carpets £25.19 - Our price £22.99m2

Somerset Tapi Carpets £12.59m2 - Our price £9.95m2

Luna Tapi Carpets £20.69m2 - Our price £18.99m2

Leo Tapi Carpets £26.99m2 - Our price £19.99m2

We will also save you money or match the free underlay and free fitting on the following ranges: 

Balmoral, Windsor, Osterley, Morocco, Leo, Prairie, Jupiter, Madeira, Virgo, Breeze, Montana, Arizona, Dalesman, Portsmouth, Venus and Saturn, Homestead



Brintons Bell Twist - limted time offer Now Only £37.99m2 

Quickstep laminate Flooring - Best Prices - Best Service. 

Karndean Flooring - Online prices - Fitting service available 

Amtico Spacia Flooring - Great Prices and quality fitting  

Wood flooring from V4 - Great prices on a great product 

For the best deals on flooring in Berkshire



Here are some more price comparisons

Please note if the large stores have a price we will always be lower

Carpet Right Price Comparisons -

We give you better prices on the carpet, underlay, grippers and fitting.

Overall you will save money - guaranteed.

CARPET RIGHT 10mm underlay £9.99m2 - ours £5.95m2

carpet right auckland berber £14.99m2 - our price £11.35m2

carpet right ashbourne £14.99m2 - our price £13.95m2

carpet right baltimore stripe/plain £12.59m2 - our price £11.35m2

carpet right berber deluxe cobble £24.99m2 - our price £16.89m2

carpet right berber deluxe lattice/rib £24.99m2 - our price £16.89m2

carpet right boston plain or strips £15.99 - our price £12.99m2

carpet right california dreams £19.99 - our price £17.99m2

carpet right carousel £14.99m2 - our price £11.85m2

carpet right chequers £19.99m2 - our price £17.45m2

carpet right chiswick stripe £12.79m2 - our price £12.19m2

carpet right chunky berber £15.99m2 - our price £14.99m2 

carpet right concorde berber £6.99m2 - our price £6.99m2

carpet right contract carpet £15.99m2 - our price £13.99m2

carpet right duchess £15.99m2 - our price £13.99m2

carpet right eminence saxony £18.99m2 - our price £15.99m2

carpet right emporer £22.99m2 - our price £19.56m2

carpet right essex twist £19.99m2 - our price £17.95m2

carpet right fairford twist £29.99m2 - our price £18.95m2

carpet right flying high £9.99m2 - our price £8.99m2

carpet right gala £15.99m2 - our price £9.99m2

carpet right granada £11.99m2 - our price £8.99m2

carpet right hilton £17.99m2 - our price £16.99m2

carpet right home twist £9.99m2 - our price £8.99m2

carpet right harvard stripe/plain £17.99m2 - our price £16.19m2

carpet right heather supreme £14.99m2 - our price £13.49m2

carpet right hercules £8.31m2 - our price £7.99m2

carpet right indulgence £32.99m2 - our price £25.18m2

carpet right imperial £16.12m2 - our price £14.50m2

carpet right kosset twist £20.99m2 - our price £17.66m2

carpet right kossett heather £22.99m2 - our price £18.99m2

carpet right lake como £26.55m2 - our price £24.99m2

carpet right lynmouth twist £24.99  our price £17.99m2

carpet right major twist £14.99m2 - our price £13.99m2

carpet right morocco £19.99m2 - our price £14.10m2

carpet right monmouth twist 45 oz £24.99m2 - our price £17.00m2

carpet right nordic berber £11.99m2 - our price £9.49m2

carpet right norfolk twist £16.99m2 - our price £13.59m2

carpet right princeton stripe/plain £12.59 - our price £11.35m2

carpet right pleasure £14.71m2 - our price £14.45m2

carpet right prestige berber twist £22.49m2 - our price £19.15m2

carpet right revolution £10.99m2 - our price £8.74m2

carpet right rossini £18.99m2 - our price £17.99m2

carpet right shop fit £21.74m2 - our price £19.56m2

carpet right stainsafe twist £15.35m2 - our price £15.19m2

carpet right stately manor £20.69m2 - our price £18.62m2

carpet right sultan berber £16.19m2 - our price £14.57m2

carpet right super stainsafe twist £16.12m2 - our price £14.50m2

carpet right sweet dreams £10.74m2 - our price £9.85m2

carpet right sandham £17.99m2 - our price £16.86m2

carpet right samson £7.99m2 - our price £5.99m2

carpet right strata £10.99m2 - our price £9.99m2

carpet right super delta £10.74m2 - our price £9.95m2

carpet right super regent twist £24.99m2 - our price £23.75m2

carpet right super top twist £22.99m2 - our price £18.25m2

carpet right temptation £34.99 - our price £29.99m2

carpet right timeless luxury £24.99m2 - our price £21.99m2

carpet right tranquility £17.24m2 - our price £15.99m2

carpet right trendy stripes £7.49m2 - our price £6.99m2

carpet right two step £16.99m2 - our price £13.25m2

carpet right velvet twist £13.75m2 - our £12.90m2

carpet right virgo £5.99m2 - our price £5.50m2

carpet right vibe £14.99m2 - our price £11.99m2

carpet right vintage wilton £29.99m2 - our price £27.99m2

carpet right westbourne deluxe £23.99 - our price £21.99m2

carpet right westbourne supreme £27.99m2 - our price £25.99m2

carpet right westmorland twist £9.99m2 - our price £8.99m2

carpet right zanzibar £22.99m2 - our price £16.99m2

All carpet right prices above include vat.

The above are just a selection of our better prices!! All carpets cost more at carpet right...

Dont forget our underlay and grippers are better quality and better priced!!



Associated Weavers - Bellvue Saxony £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - California Dreams £16.40m2

Associated Weavers - Carnival £17.90m2

Associated Weavers - Cashmere Textures £14.25m2

Associated Weavers - Country Berber £13.65m2

Associated Weavers - Crossland Berber £13.80m2

Associated Weavers - Crown Prince/Regent £8.90m2

Associated Weavers - Everest Twist £9.35m2

Associated Weavers - Gladiator £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - Glenweave £13.25m2

Associated Weavers - High Point Twist £14.25m2

Associated Weavers - Island Weave £10.25m2

Associated Weavers - Luxury Touch £18.70m2

Associated Weavers - New Direction Deluxe £9.80m2

Associated Weavers - New Direction Supreme £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - New Eton £13.35m2

Associated Weavers - New Mood £14.25m2

Associated Weavers - New Territories £16.35m2

Associated Weavers - Santorini £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - Scotsdale Twist £12.45m2

Associated Weavers - Shangri-La £13.95m2

Associated Weavers - Simply Stunning £10.25m2

Associated Weavers - Solo £14.25m2

Associated Weavers - Sonic Twist £9.80m2

Associated Weavers - Stainaway Harvest Heathers £13.35m2

Associated Weavers - Stainaway Shaggy £17.90m2

Associated Weavers - Stainguard Harvest Heathers £14.80m2

Associated Weavers - Tuftex Twist £9.80m2

Associated Weavers - York Twist £12.05m2

Associated Weavers - Park Lane Classic £15.55m2

Associated Weavers - Park Lane Elegance £18.45m2


Free Fitting on Abingdons Ranges. Underlay must be purchased from us.

Prices plus vat

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Arena £9.40m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Berber Deluxe £13.85m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Boutique £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Countess £13.05m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Duchy £11.25m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Heather £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Image £12.05m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Luxor £20.65m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Majesty £13.55m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Panache £16.10m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Prince £9.50m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Royale £16.55m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Saxony £19.10m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Simply Naturals £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Style £10.80m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Triple Crown £12.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Tweed £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Twist £13.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - New Wild Silk £34.90m2

Abingdon flooring - Sophisticat £24.75m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stateside £16.30m2

Abingdon Flooring - Charter Supreme Gold £19.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Palace Royal 40oz £15.90m2

Abingdon Flooring - Palace Twist 30oz £12.60m2

Abingdon Flooring - Royal Windsor Berber & Loop £14.00m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Jupiter £13.25m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Mars £17.70m2

Abingdon Flooring - Stainfree Venus £11.70m2


Axminster Carpets - Please Call For Our Trade Prices

Brockways Carpets - Please Call For Our Trade Prices


Cormar carpets - Prices plus vat

Cormar Carpets - Apollo  £9.90m2

Cormar Carpets - Apollo Plus £10.35m2

Cormar Carpets - Primo Plus £11.50m2

Cormar Carpets - Primo Delight £14.30m2

Cormar Carpets - Primo Ultra £14.00m2

Cormar carpets - Primo Choice Super £11.55m2

Cormar Carpets - Primo Choice Elite £11.40m2

Cormar Carpets - Sensations Original £16.25m2

Cormar Carpets - Sensations New feeling £13.80m2

Cormar Carpets - Sensations twist £14.10m2

Cormar Carpets - Living Naturals £13.40m2

Cormar Carpets - Forest Hills Super £12.70m2

Cormar Carpets - Forest Hills Elite £14.25m2

Cormar Carpets - Heather Classics 40oz £15.20m2

Cormar Carpets - Heather Classics 50oz £17.55m2

Cormar Carpets - Natural Berber Twist Elite £18.40m2

Cormar Carpets - Natural Berber Twist Deluxe £20.80m2

Cormar Carpets - Malabar £15.5m2

Cormar Carpets - New Oaklands 32oz £15.60m2

Cormar Carpets - New Oaklands 42oz £18.25m2

Cormar Carpets - New Oaklands 50oz £21.60m2

Cormar Carpets - Home Counties/Heathers 42oz £16.40m2

Cormar Carpets - Home Counties/Heathers 50oz £19.30m2

Cormar Carpets - Avebury Plain & Stripe £26.00m2



Prices plus vat

Furlong Carpets - Broughton Twist £12.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Broughton Twist Supreme £15.80m2

Furlong Carpets - Cabaret £8.05m2

Furlong Carpets - Carleton £14.85m2

Furlong Carpets - Carleton Supreme £16.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Celebration £9.35m2

Furlong Carpets - Choices £6.80m2

Furlong Carpets   Chiltern Twist £8.25m2

Furlong Carpets - Clinique £10.10m2

Furlong Carpets - Design Elements £10.65m2

Furlong Carpets - Devotion £8.35m2

furlong Carpets - Dolce Moda £13.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Elegance £14.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Elite Loop £24.15m2

Furlong Carpets - Emberton £6.80m2

Furlong Carpets - Ferndown £10.55m2

Furlong Carpets - Glenmore £19.35m2

Furlong Carpets - Hades £11.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Harewood £9.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Inspiration £13.70m2

Furlong Carpets - Kingsdown 2009 £11.20m2

Furlong Carpets - Luxor £11.10m2

Furlong Carpets - Magnum £10.60m2

Furlong Carpets - Mayfair £28.00m2

Furlong Carpets - New Kildare £11.45m2

Furlong Carpets - New Tungsten Rib £6.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Noblesque £9.25m2

Furlong Carpets - Olney £6.80m2

Furlong Carpets - Oasis £4.50m2

Furlong Carpets - Opulence £11.99m2

Furlong Carpets - Park Lane £25.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Pendleton £10.45m2

Furlong Carpets - Primavera £8.50m2

Furlong Carpets - Quantum £9.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Resilience £10.10m2

Furlong Carpets - Rhapsody £4.20m2

Furlong Carpets - Satisfaction £14.55m2

Furlong Carpets - Selective £7.00m2 

Furlong Carpets - Smarden £8.70m2

Furlong Carpets - Spectrum £7.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Sumptuous £12.90m2

Furlong Carpets - Titan Professional £10.10m2

Furlong Carpets - Trident £13.05m2

Furlong Carpets - Tungsten Velour £6.95m2

Furlong Carpets - Vantage £4.20m2

Furlong Carpets - Variety £4.20m2

Furlong Carpets - Vision £9.00m2


Georgian Carpets - Please call for our trade prices

Gaskell Carpets - Please call for our trade prices



Kingsmead Carpets 

Prices plus vat


Kingsmead Carpets - Artwork 45oz £21.85m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Artwork 60oz £28.30m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Ayrshire Classic & Felt £13.35m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Ayrshire Super £17.95m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Ayrshire Elite £19.95m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Galloway £13.40m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Grampian £13.40m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Highlands & Lowlands £10.55m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Lothian 40oz £17.85m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Lothian 50oz £20.20m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Madras £11.50m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - New Vitronic 30oz £14.95m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - New Vitronic 40oz £18.70m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - New Vitronic 50oz £21.55m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Paloma £12.85m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Berber Super £17.90m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Berber Elite £19.95m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Berber Luxury £22.65m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Heathers Super £17.60m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Heathers Elite £19.95m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Triple Twist Heathers Luxury £23.90m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Berber Super £14.95m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Berber Elite £17.30m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Berber Luxury £20.45m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Traditions 30oz £14.95m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Traditions 40oz £18.70m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Traditions 50oz £21.55m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Vitronic Traditions 60oz £25.15m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Brecon £8.85m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Cheviot £8.85m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Cheviot Supreme £10.90m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Designer Stripe £6.70m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Holmfirth £14.20m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Holmfirth Super £17.90m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Homemaker £5.95m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Homemaker Super £7.00m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Homestyle Felt £10.15m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Homestyle Original £10.15m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Homestyle Super £12.75m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Malvern £12.40m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Monaco £10.05m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Ridgeway £8.85m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Silk Centenary £25.05m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Silk Sensations £14.25m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Silk Supreme £15.90m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Snowdonia £15.05m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Clean Easy Twist £8.35m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Enjoyment £7.35m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Genius Gold £15.90m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Genius Silver £14.25m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Genius Bronze £8.85m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Marvel £10.05m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Miracle £11.70m2

Kingsmead Carpets - Superb Gold £15.05m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Superb Silver £12.40m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Superb Bronze £8.85m2 

Kingsmead Carpets - Virtuoso £13.40m2



Manx Carpets

Prices plus vat

Manx Carpets - Classic Pandora 40oz £19.30m2

Manx Carpets - Classic Pandora 50oz £21.55m2

Manx Carpets - Classic Pandora 60oz £24.45m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 30oz £15.85m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 40oz £18.75m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 50oz £22.55m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 60oz £24.95m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist 70oz £29.40m2

Manx Carpets - Causeway Twist £13.45m2

Manx Carpets - Causeway Royale £17.25m2

Manx Carpets - Causeway Major £19.25m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist Essence 40oz £15.55m2

Manx Carpets - Castle Twist Essence 50oz £17.90m2

Manx Carpets - Elmhurst Twist £14.25m2

Manx Carpets - Elmhurst Elite £17.90m2

Manx Carpets - Landmark Twist £12.95m2

Manx Carpets - Landmark Supreme £13.95m2 

Manx Carpets - Mastercraft Supreme £15.05m2

Manx Carpets - Oakdene Super £17.50m2

Manx Carpets - Oakdene Supreme £19.90m2

Manx Carpets - Metropolitan 40oz £25.05m2

Manx Carpets - Metropolitan 50oz £28.85m2

Manx Carpets - New Ashworth Super 40oz £20.45m2

Manx Carpets - New Ashworth Extra Super 50oz £22.90m2

Manx Carpets - Rustic Heather £20.05m2

Manx Carpets - Tuscany 40oz £19.10m2

Manx Carpets - Tuscany 50oz £21.70m2

Manx Carpets - Natures Envy Deluxe 35oz £16.40m2

Manx Carpets - Natures Envy Supreme 45oz £19.30m2

Manx Carpets - Natures Envy Luxury 55oz £23.50m2

Manx Carpets - Pandora Plains 40oz £20.45m2

Manx Carpets - Pandora Plains 50oz £22.90m2

Manx Carpets - Pandora Plains 60oz £24.60m2

All other ranges from Manx available, please call for our trade prices


Mayfield Carpets - Prices plus vat

Mayfield Carpets - Stratford £23.70m2

Mayfield Carpets - Super Maxim 50oz £23.80m2

Mayfield Carpets - Super Maxim 40oz £20.35m2

Mayfield Carpets - Country Garden 50oz £21.80m2

Mayfield Carpets - Country Garden 40oz £19.50m2

Mayfield Carpets - Quartz 50oz £15.55m2

Mayfield Carpets - Quartz 40oz £13.25m2

Mayfield Carpets - Quartz 30oz £12.05m2

Mayfield Carpets - Prism 50oz £16.10m2

Mayfield Carpets - Prism 40oz £13.75m2

Mayfield Carpets - Titanium 100oz £18.90m2

Mayfield Carpets - Platinum 80oz £15.70m2

Mayfield Carpets - Pewter 60oz £13.60m2

Mayfield Carpets - Gold 52oz £13.25m2

Mayfield Carpets - Silver 48oz £12.15m2

Mayfield Carpets - Bronze 40oz £11.65m2



Victoria Carpets - Prices plus vat

This carpet has the best guarantees of all wool twists

Victoria Carpets - Options (Tudor Twist) 40oz £24.20m2

Victoria Carpets - Options (Tudor Twist) 50oz £27.30m2

Victoria Carpets - Options (Tudor Twist) 60oz £31.90m2




Please call for trade prices on all other Westex products

Westex - Penultima Twist £24.68m2

Westex - Ultima Twist £30.37m2

Westex - Major Twist £32.95m2

Westex - Fontaine Twist £38.55m2

Westex - Trident Twist £30.95m2

Westex -  Talana Twist £33.58m2

Westex - Talisman Twist £42.95m2

Westex - Gold Twist £68.95m2

Westex - Westend Velvet £32.95m2

Westex - Prestige Velvet £43.95m2

Westex - Supreme Velvet £54.95m2

Westex - Designer Point/Stripe £32.95m2

Westex - Natural Loop Range £32.95m2

All prices subject to vat unless stated.






Carpet Tiles 4U supply cheap carpet tiles nationwide.

Cheap Carpet tiles available for next day delivery.


Carpet Tiles 4U - Cheap Carpet Tile £7.16m2

Carpet Tiles 4U - Budget Tile £7.40m2

Carpet Tiles 4U - Budget Nylon Tile £9.76m2

Gradus Latour - £10.60m2


Desso - Lupo Tile £8.80m2

Desso - Essence Tile £9.88m2

Desso - Stratos Tile £11.40m2

Desso - Tempra Tile £16.52m2


Flooring Industries - Special Loop Tile £7.16m2

Flooring Industries - Montana Tile £8.00m2

Flooring Industries - Narcissi Tile £8.60m2

Flooring Industries - Special Velour Tile £9.00m2

Flooring Industries - Chalfont Cord Tile £9.16m2

Flooring Industries - Dahlia Tile £9.32m2

Flooring Industries - Dahlia Additions Tile £9.76m2

Flooring Industries - Tosca Rosa Tile £9.96m2

Flooring Industries - Maestro Tile £12.84m2

Flooring Industries - Resort Tile £14.60m2

Flooring Industries - Americana Tile £17.48m2

Flooring Industries - Begonia Tile £19.96m2

Flooring Industries - Bamboo Tile £19.96m2

Flooring Industries - Tulip Tile £27.00m2

Flooring Industries - Fuchsia Tile £34.40m2


Gradus - Latour Tile £9.40m2

Heckmondwike - Supacord Tile £14.60m2

Heuga - Heuga 345 Tile £16.40m2

Interface - Series 1 Tile £9.60m2

Interface - Heuga 727 Tile £13.52m2


Paragon - Macaw Tile £7.96m2

Paragon - Sirocco Tile £9.20m2

Tessera - Basis Tile £9.84m2

Tessera - Teviot Tile £10.80m2

Tessera - Mix Tile £16.80m2


carpet colours.jpg


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